Terra Nova 3 - Achievement Test


GRADE 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 5-Year Average
K 97 97 97 95 95 96.2
1 96 98 96 94 95 95.8
2 94 93 94 92 80 90.6
3 86 88 71 93 88 85.2
488 83 93 86 95 89.0
5 84 90 87 86 80 85.4
6 92 90 90 84 90 89.2
7 90 93 93 90 88 90.8
8 94 95 96 91 91 93.4

All scores are reported in national percentiles

MHCS school wide average is 90.1%, placing our students in the top 10% of students across the nation.


Common Core State Standards

The implementation of Common Core State Standards (“CCSS”) in public schools has elicited much debate. It is important to understand that Common Core is not an imposed curriculum or a set of textbooks. It is a set of standards in language arts and math aimed at providing a national framework that can monitor student growth. In the midst of this nationwide conversation and the changes associated with CCSS, Mission Hills Christian School (“Mission Hills”) remains unwavering in our mission—to develop students who are world changers for Christ by providing an excellent biblically integrated academic program in a loving and godly environment where students are academically prepared and inspired to be the young men and women God has created them to be. While California public schools are required to implement the national CCSS, as a private exempt school, Mission Hills has the freedom to choose and implement the standards and curricula that we determine to be most effective for our students.  Since the California State Standards established in 2003 are more rigorous than CCSS, Mission Hills will continue to meet and exceed these standards, which are some of the highest in the nation. In order to maintain our high standards, we will remain diligent in reviewing our program regularly so that our students continue to make strong transitions to high school. Students need to be academically in step with their public school counterparts and properly prepared for high school entrance exams and eventually college placement testing. As such, should we determine in the future that adaptation of some element of Common Core standards is academically beneficial, parents can be assured that we will never consider implementing any morally or spiritually controversial elements of Common Core that are at cross-purposes with the mission, vision, and education philosophy of Mission Hills. In short, no reasonable and appropriate standard will be ignored; neither will any inappropriate nor unreasonable standard be implemented. We understand that parents have much to consider when making educational choices for their children. We hope that by communicating our intent with regard to CCSS, current or potential new parents at Mission Hills will be reassured that the education offered at Mission Hills meets and exceeds any solid established educational standards while remaining true to our biblical foundation. One of the key stated objectives of CCSS is to ensure that students are thinking critically, not just memorizing facts. At Mission Hills, we do both, establishing a strong knowledge base from which to develop and expand critical thinking skills. Mission Hills has been committed to helping students become both Christian thinkers and critical thinkers for over 35 years.