My daughter is a 7th grader at Mission Hills. In the short few months she has been there, I have seen her grow spiritually. Her love for the Lord and others is so much deeper and greater. If you are looking for a place where your child will grow in every area, spiritually, educationally and emotionally - look no farther than Mission Hills Christian School.
— -Julia Schmaltz, MHCS Parent

At Mission Hills Christian School, we are committed to the godly character development of every student. We plan programs and activities that will help our students on their journey of spiritual growth.

Christian Virtues Program

We value the character development of each student as he/she becomes the person God intends them to be; therefore, we have established seven objectives to promote growth into the likeness of Jesus Christ. These goals form the basis of our integrated character curriculum as it is woven into every area of the school environment. 

  • Show Respect
  • Demonstrate Compassion
  • Exercise Perseverance
  • Exhibit Responsibility
  • Possess Integrity
  • Practice Right-thinking
  • Be Cooperative  

MHCS Chapel

Chapel is an essential part of MHCS experience where students are encouraged and challenged in their faith. Students attend chapel once a week. Various programs and speakers are integrated into the chapel format. Parents are always welcome to attend our chapel services.  

Prayer Partners

MHCS believes that prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God. One way we demonstrate this for our students is through our Prayer Partner program. Younger students are paired with older students who meet regularly to share prayer requests and pray for one another. Our Prayer Partner chapel is a highlight of the year—our older students join their younger Prayer Partners and worship the Lord together during our weekly chapel service. These intentional mentoring relationships teach our students about prayer, about relationships, and about leadership.

Outreach Programs

MHCS is designed to produce thriving disciples of Christ who love God, love others, and reach out to the world around them. MHCS partners with many outreach programs such as Operation Christmas Child, Casa Alegre Orphanage, community toy drives, and South County Outreach. MHCS students have participated in mission trips as far away as Kenya, Africa. MHCS is committed to sharing the love of God in practical and tangible ways both here and abroad.