Your child will spend 10,000 hours in school between Kindergarten and High School. Your child’s school will make the greatest impact outside of your home. Come discover MIssion Hills and allow those 10,000 to be the greatest blessing....because 10,000 hours is a long time.

Did you know that between Kindergarten and 8th grade, your child will spend 10,000 hours in school? What is happening in your child’s 10,000 hours? At Mission Hills, we are committed to filling your child’s hours with rich, relevant learning experiences, authentic encounters with God’s Word, friendships with like-minded peers, and opportunities to bless others through service and compassion. At the end of 10,000 hours at Mission Hills, we see Mission Hills students go on to lead in their high schools, excel in honors courses, serve on missions teams, and fulfill their calling as world-changers for Christ. This is our calling. To change lives…one hour at a time.

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Julia Bernier, Admissions Director,