Writing Club Inspires Junior High Authors

By: Jodi Dale8th Grade English & History Teacher

How do you get students excited about writing?

It was a quiet Monday during junior high lunchtime at Mission Hills Christian School. Six students met in the 8th grade English classroom. Why were they forfeiting their lunch? Did they have lunch detention? No. These students were getting together voluntarily for the second session of a new Writing Club. They gathered to share their ideas and the storylines they had begun.

During the first meeting of this club, the group had decided to launch the writing club by composing original stories. They had agreed to come prepared for the second meeting having written the creative beginning of their story or, at the very least, some character developments. A request was put forth at the first meeting for the teacher to randomly challenge them with interesting plot twists. This group was eager for the challenge of creative story writing.

What blossomed from there was nothing short of astonishing. The students were eager to share their story ideas. They welcomed the myriad plot, character, and setting suggestions that were tossed out. Depth and creativity were added to fledgling novel ideas. There was animated discussion even through mouths full of food. Teenage students were barely able to restrain themselves from sharing new ideas while someone else finished a suggestion.

Once all had shared their story ideas and suggestions were made, we were sadly out of time and had to depart until our next meeting. As the teacher in charge of this rag-tag team of authors, I can’t wait to hear what storylines and interesting characters are brought to the table at our next meeting of the Mission Hills Junior High Writing Club.

If you’re looking for ways to get your junior higher excited about writing, consider starting a Writing Club. You will be amazed at the creativity that flows when students begin sharing their ideas and stories with one another.

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