Waiting for Christmas

advent-wreath2 Advent is about waiting, anticipation. It is never easy to wait. Whatever it is on the other end, we want it now. Our driver’s license renewal, our In-N-Out burger, our turn to see the doctor, the notification that we’ve been accepted or passed the test. For us, it’s about the end result. God doesn’t see it that way. To God, the waiting is part of His process in our lives. In the waiting, we are reminded of our great need for whatever it is we are waiting for. We come to more fully appreciate the object of our anticipation.

Right about Labor Day, it seems, our local retail establishments begin reminding us that Christmas is on its way. The waiting begins. The closer to Christmas we get, the more anxious we become about the waiting—and it all centers on “doing” Christmas well. Gift lists, rising credit card balances, decorations, preparations for houseguests.

Maybe doing Christmas well means waiting well. Maybe carving out a few minutes each day to be quiet would help us wait well. In those few minutes, we could think of all we are grateful for. We could sit with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the lights on the Christmas tree. Or maybe we could take a walk outside and breathe in the gift of air God brings us each day.

We don’t have to wait forever. Christmas will come. He has come already. In this Advent season, we get to remember what it feels like to wait, to long for more than we are in and of ourselves. We get to anticipate a greater Hope, a deeper Peace, and a fuller Joy than we could have imagined if it were up to us. And then, when Christ appears…

We celebrate.