Teaching Our Kids To Be Worshipers

I have the honor of leading the elementary grades in chapel several times a month. I've been fortunate enough to lead them for the past 8 years. It's hard to believe that the kids I led when I first started are now entering college! Most parents I talk to carry a certain amount of anxiety concerning their parenting.  It seems like we're all just trying to mess our kids up less than how our parents messed us up (that might be a over-generalization).  Whether that's true for you or not, one way of helping to point your child towards a bright future is to teach them to be a worshiper. Over the years of leading I've learned a few things, sometimes the hard way, on how to lead kids in worship. Below are some practical ideas for leading your kids in worship:

  • Have them give a testimony. Testimonies help tie together the things God has done in our lives to why we worship Him. Having the kids give testimonies connects the dots with them and can help them see why we worship God.
  • Find some fun, current songs.
  • Find songs that talk about Might, Power, Love. Songs like This Is Amazing Grace (Wickham), Your Love Never Fails (Jesus Culture), Our God (Tomlin), and Whom Shall I Fear (Tomlin) all have subject matter that kids can relate to.
  • As a leader, you will probably have to teach kids the difference between being silly and being serious in our expression. This can be a great teaching moment for the kids.
  • Memorize scripture — Joshua 1:8
  • Exposing your kids to worship music. I’m amazed at how well kids remember lyrics. As those lyrics become ingrained in them, you will notice a difference.
  • Find teachable moments to reinforce worship and reflect Christ’s love and compassion.

These were just a few practical ideas from a blog I wrote.  If you'd like to read the whole thing -- which goes more into the why & how of kid's worship -- head over to my blog and check it out.