STC Minutes 6-4-13

June 12, 2013

Attending: Carrie Gulino, Eileen Hollison, Lisa Espinoza, Jeff Dailey, Greg Goble, Stephan Erkelens, Larry Ahl
Not in attendance – Debbie Mastroianni, Joe Kimball

Eileen reported that emails were sent to families that signed up to serve on a committee.

Lisa reported that JK parents, Kindergarten parents, interested parents and all school families were notified of the reduced JK and K tuition.

Stephan reported on the progress of the development committee. He needs two to three more members to serve. Several parents’ names were reviewed and placed on a list to be contacted. The committee will develop a list of opportunities for donors and decide when to begin asking for donations.

Lisa reviewed a list of the questions most frequently asked by parents.

Stephan will meet with staff on June 12th @ 7:30 a.m. to share about the fund development plan.

Open Forum
Larry presented the revised school budget for 2013-14 and extended out three more years. This will be included in the packet Joe is preparing for ECCU. After discussion, the committee agreed it is a reasonable financial plan for the school.

Elements of Transition
Incorporation: application, officers, by-laws
Fiscal requirements: summer cash flow plan
Marketing/branding: announcement of transition; advertising enrollment

STC website is soon to be linked to MHCS website. The committee reviewed the questions to be uploaded on site. More content will be added as quickly as possible – purpose of the transition committee, timeline, needs, calendar.

Write email to parents. A note was sent to parents informing them of the link to the STC website

Next meeting – Tuesday June 11th @ 5:30pm

Close/Prayer – Eileen closed the meeting in prayer.