MHCS Alum Blesses Others on Her Birthday

Faith Birthday Party Photo Sweet 16 is traditionally a milestone birthday for young ladies. But for Faith Fong, alum of Mission Hills Christian School, her 16th birthday was more than a chance to get together with friends and have a party. It was an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Faith’s mother, Sunny Fong, was expecting to throw a typical 16th birthday party for her daughter. But that all changed with one conversation. “Faith told me she had found this sweet little girl on YouTube named Iris who has GM1 Gangliodosis (a neurodegenerative condition) and that she would like to do something to help raise awareness and fund research for GM1.”

Faith contacted Iris' mom to find out how she could help Iris and others living with GM1 and discovered Art for Iris, a private auction using donated art to raise awareness and funding for GM1 research. That’s when Faith knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate her 16th birthday. “Being a really artistic person, I decided to invite a group of my friends who also love art to draw pictures that we could donate to Art for Iris.” So on August 18, 15 friends gathered to celebrate the life of Faith Fong by using their love of art to make a positive difference in the world. For Faith, this was the best gift she could have received. “I'm really happy that I could use this opportunity to not only glorify God, but also to impact a young child's life.”

Giving back is not new to this ever-smiling 16-year-old sophomore at Crean Lutheran High School. When she was 15, she discovered (CURE International), a wonderful organization that helps children in third world countries with treatable conditions like bow legs or hydrocephalus. So last year for her 15th birthday, instead of receiving gifts, Faith invited all her friends to make donations toward surgery for a child with malformed legs.

Faith said, “Being from such a privileged area, I already have everything I need and more. It feels really good to give someone the gift of a brighter future.

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