Make Your Days Count for Christ

faithful By Jeannine Jilbert, MHCS Math Instructor

Steve did it all in high school.  He was a starter on the basketball team, pitched for the baseball team, was ASB President, editor of the yearbook, and competed on the debate team.  Steve played the trumpet in a jazz band, the electric guitar in a rock band, and had a lead in the school musical. And he graduated with a 4.0 – the highest possible GPA in those days. A month after graduation, Steve died in a car accident.

This true story that I share every year with my graduating eighth graders, now turns hypothetical.  I believe that after entering heaven, Steve finally had that conversation with His Lord and Savior that he had been longing for. The conversation was not focused on his many awards or trophies, but instead I believe it went something like this:  “I remember, Steve, when you wanted to cheat, but instead chose to act with integrity.  How about that time when you wanted to give up, but kept on trying until you finally understood that pre-calculus problem!  Remember that time when you had lunch with that new student that you noticed sitting alone? I really loved it when you encouraged the opposing team’s pitcher after they lost.  Most importantly, thank you for telling Jeannine about my Son.  Because of you, she now has the honor of sharing the Good News with her junior high students, and someday she will also spend eternity in My presence. Well done, my faithful servant.”

Don’t wait to serve God. Make every day count for the Kingdom. I Timothy 4:12.