LONGING FOR BELONGING - how to be accepted rather than rejected!

friends We strive to make all kinds of connections during our lives. We all have a longing for belonging. There isn't anything we won't do to be accepted, and we will do anything to reject rejection. Here are eight things you can do to increase your sense of belonging and experience acceptance by others.


  1. Demonstrate a personal interest in others’ challenges and in their life journeys.  Show empathy for what they are struggling with or going through.
  2. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Become a reflective listener, always focused on others’ ideas.
  3. Be generous with your encouragement to everyone you meet. Everyone has dignity and worth!
  4. Extend numerous sincere compliments to others about their gifts and capabilities. Tweet positive comments about your classmates /colleagues!
  5. Reject rejection! Connect with people who accept you along with all your flaws. It's better to have one non- judgmental friend than numerous conditional relationships.
  6. Everyone is branded by others whether we want to be or not.  Be intentional about branding yourself. Avoid letting others define you and brand you!