Christian World View, Umm, Can You Explain, Please?

worldview By Dana Knauer

Back in 2003, as a young Christian mother of a baby and a toddler, I felt it my duty to begin exploring early childhood and elementary education options for my children. My research was detailed and ended up enjoyable and fruitful as I was finally led to Mission Hills Christian School. I say it “ended up enjoyable” because, as I am sure you know, researching possible educational institutions can be overwhelming, but that is for another blog post.

I thank God NOW more than ever for leading me to Mission Hills Christian School. In 2004 as MHCS and my family began our partnership, the term “Christian world view” was introduced to me. However, honestly, I really didn’t understand entirely what this term meant to me and for my family. As an obedient Christian mother, I did my own research. Actually, I think I was too embarrassed to ask pointed questions about what it really meant or how this “world view” was to be implemented and fostered in my children.

I came to the understanding that a Christian world view is a lens through which we view our world; when God comes first in our life, we see the world as if we were looking through His eyes and with His heart. I now had a cognitive understanding of the term; however, I still did not fully grasp its depth and breadth. My understanding was lacking in the area of application -- seeing this Christian world view applied in my own son’s life.

My son came home from his junior year in public high school (yes, the same one who began MHCS in kindergarten and graduated from there as an 8th grader) and shared an experience his AP History teacher created. His teacher brought in an expert about Abraham Lincoln and allowed the class to ask any question they had about President Lincoln’s life. I asked my son what he was interested to know. My son wanted to know how religious Mr. Lincoln was. He wanted to know if Mr. Lincoln had a personal walk with Jesus. What was most important for my son to understand about Abe was: did he put God first? Consider how his actions affected others? Was he kind and generous to all? Did he pray daily and go to church with his family? He did not state it this way, but what he really wanted to know was if Mr. Lincoln had a Christian world view!

My son’s understanding of greatness comes from the Bible’s definition of greatness for a human. And just like that, I fully understood the meaning of a Christian world view. It was fostered for 9 years at MHCS by loving teachers who always pointed him to Jesus, not only in Bible lessons and chapel, but daily through thoughtful discussions that authentically integrated scripture into each subject.

As a first grade teacher at MHCS, I let my class know that I love Jesus, our Lord, more than words can say. We begin the year with Creation and learn that God is a God of order. God loves order, and this comes up daily with math, writing, reading, science, and social studies. God cares for His people whom he created in His own image. The same God who created the universe also created them; yes, the very same God who created all of the universe’s beauty also created you! This is how a Christian world view is fostered – it always points students to Jesus.

It is truly a beautiful thing to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my son has a Christian world view. He and his friends who also graduated from MHCS are a light in this world, and without even knowing it, my son shone so brightly that day in AP History when he asked about Mr. Lincoln’s Christian walk.