MHCS Moment with Steve Lockwood, Mission Hills parent since Fall 2017

How did you come to choose Mission Hills Christian School for your child?

We did a preview of another school before we visited MHCS. After we attended the MHCS Preview Breakfast, we were very touched and also aware of what made MHCS different. Nonetheless, we still checked out a few more schools before finally deciding on MHCS. 

How would your child describe his experience at Mission Hills?

Our son really likes it. He's making a lot of friends. The school is really good at organizing get-to-know-you events, and as a result, we've already been able to participate in a few play-dates. It's waaaaay easier to drop off your kid at school when he's got friends he wants to see and when you know the parents of the other kids. 

How would you describe being an MHCS parent?

I can say that it's a lot different than I imagined. It feels more like being part of a small group at a church. You will probably get out what you put in. If you want to meet other people and build friendships, it seems there are a lot of opportunities to meet other parents and go beyond surface level friendships. I was hoping that my son would make friends - I wasn't expecting that I would make friends.

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