MHCS Moment with Jason Camu, MHCS parent since Fall 2014

What was your initial encounter with Mission Hills Christian School?

We attended a Preview Breakfast, and seeing a sample of what the school produces (not just a token model but a real young person) was highly influential. A middle school student spoke at a microphone with confidence, manners, self-assuredness and maturity. The children in the milieu were kind, loving, polite, but not robotic or fearful. In my opinion, the students and the way they behave and present, are the best marketing tool of this institution. 

If someone asked you to describe Mission Hills, what would you say

  • We build children with healthy self-esteem.
  • We help children develop an organized and obvious sense of self.
  • We are kind; we are loving, we take responsibility for our behavior; we care for others; we are respectful, honest, and work hard.
  • We build children who are confident and love God.
  • We are top performers academically.
  • Our children become spiritual leaders/models in the world.

How would your child describe his or her experience at Mission Hills?

My child loves his school and feels his peers are like family

How would you describe being a MHCS parent? 

I am challenged to grow in my faith and become a better person and parent. I feel welcomed, loved, and accountable to live my faith. I love Mission Hills.

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