Responses from MHCS Parent: Steve Lockwood


1. How did you hear about the Preview Breakfast and what made you want to go?

We saw a sign for a preview breakfast on the corner of Santa Margarita and Las Flores. We were already interested in checking out MHCS so we decided to attend the preview breakfast.  

2. What were your expectations when you came to the Mission Hills Preview Breakfast?

I really had no idea what to expect. I knew there would be breakfast but I really didn't have any preconceived expectations. 

3. How did the Preview Breakfast influence your decision to enroll at Mission Hills?

It was monumental to our decision. We did a preview of another school in before we visited MHCS. After the preview breakfast we were very touched and also aware of what made MHCS different. Nonetheless, we still checked out a few more schools before finally deciding on MCHS. 

4. If someone had asked you when you left the event that morning how you would describe Mission Hills, what would you have said?

It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. We got a good taste of the school culture and ethos. 

5. Why would you recommend families interested in Mission Hills attend the Preview Breakfast?

Aside from the free food, the main difference between a preview breakfast and a mid-week tour is that you have all the critical people in the same place at the same time. Everyone from former students to principals at local high schools who would be accepting students from MCHS in the future. So it's a great benefit, I think, to a parent who is making that critical decision. 

6. How would your child describe his or her experience at Mission Hills?

Our son really likes it. He's making a lot of friends. The school is really good an organizing get-to-know you events as as a result we've already been able to participate in a few play-dates. It's waaaaay easier to drop off your kid at school when he's got friends he wants to see and when you know the parents of the other kids. 

7. Was your child at a public school before enrolling at MHCS or another private school?

This is his first year at school. 

8. How would you describe being an MHCS parent?

I've only been here for two months so I'm pretty new however I can say that it's a lot different than I imagined. It feels more like being part of a small group at a church. You will probably get out what you put in. If you want to meet other people and build friendships it seems there are a lot of opportunities to meet other parents and go beyond surface level friendships. Like I said, I've only been here for 2 months and I've been to half a dozen social events related to the school where I was able to meet other parents. I was hoping that my son would make friends - I wasn't expecting that I would make friends.

Manny A. Lara