MHCS Preview Breakfast Parent Questionnaire: Part 2

Responses from MHCS Parent: Annie Zmija


1. How did you hear about the Preview Breakfast and what made you want to go?

I found out about it from the school’s website. Lisa Espinoza told me about it too. I wanted to go to learn more about the school and programs.

2. What were your expectations when you came to the Mission Hills Preview Breakfast? 

I wanted to know more about the school, it’s classroom sizes, the programs offered and whet the environment was like.

3. How did the Preview Breakfast influence your decision to enroll at Mission Hills? 

The testimonial from the parents and students influenced me mostly. The way they stressed how everyone is a family and the leadership skills taught/learned made an impact on me

4. If someone had asked you when you left the event that morning how would you describe Mission Hills, what would you have said? 

Mission Hills strives to provide an excellent academic foundation that is Christ centered. It provides opportunities in a small class size but produced BIG leaders of the future. 

5. Why would you recommend families interested in Mission Hills attend the Preview Breakfast? 

It give a great representation of the teachers, staff and family. The testimonials are important to hear. 

6. How would your child describe his or her experience at Mission Hills? 

When I or anyone ask Mary how she is doing at her new school and if she likes it, Mary immediately says she loves it. She loves her teacher and she feels important. 

7. Was your child at a public school before enrolling at MHCS or another private school? 

Yes - Foothill Ranch Elementary

8. How would you describe being a MHCS parent? 

I feel very supported by the school. I am informed and know what is expected. I feel very secure with Mary’s future because she is getting and education from a fine school. 

Manny A. Lara