Responses from MHCS Parent: Jason Camu


1. How did you hear about the Preview Breakfast and what made you want to go?  

We learned from a neighbor who works at the school—Lynda Armstrong

2. What were your expectations when you came to the Mission Hills Preview Breakfast? 

We hoped to learn about the school, mostly to assess whether the school aligned with our intentional parenting and values and faith. Academics were secondary to us. We were highly attuned to the possibility of any pretense, judgment, or overemphasis on academics that might create pressure for our child. We were also highly attuned to any possibility of shame-based approaches to motivation or child development, which we did NOT want.  

3. How did the Preview Breakfast influence your decision to enroll at Mission Hills?

The preview breakfast 100% solidified our decision. We visited no other schools after attending the breakfast. We were certain we wanted our child to attend MHCS

**Of note—the most impactful part of the preview breakfast was /were presenting students. Seeing a sample of what the school produces (not just a token model but a real young person) was highly influential. A middle school student spoke at a microphone with confidence, manners, self-assuredness and maturity. The children in the milieu were kind, loving, polite, but not robotic or fearful. In my opinion, the students and the way they behave and present, are the best marketing tool of this institution. 

4. If someone had asked you when you left the event that morning how you would describe Mission Hills, what would you have said? 

The preview breakfast communicated the following both in content and action (behavioral samples at the breakfast)

-we build children with healthy self-esteem

-we help children develop an organized and obvious sense of self

ie., we are kind, we are loving, we take responsibility for our behavior, we should care for others, we are respectful, honest, and work hard

-we build children who are confident and love God

-confidence allows for resiliency as children age and perhaps attend public high school

-we are top performers academically

-our children become spiritual leaders/models in the world

( I genuinely feel all of these messages were communicated at the preview breakfast)

5. Why would you recommend families interested in Mission Hills attend the Preview Breakfast? 

So they might learn about the school’s organizing principles (brand)

And also experience the staff and presenting students who embody the principles

6. How would your child describe his or her experience at Mission Hills?

My child loves his school and feels his peers are like family

7. Was your child at a public school before enrolling at MHCS or another private school? 

Private Montessori

8. How would you describe being a MHCS parent? 

I am challenged to grow in my faith and become a better person and parent. I feel welcomed, loved, and accountable to live my faith. I love Mission Hills.