Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is designed to provide Mission Hills Christian School students additional support in order to help them reach their full academic potential. The Learning Lab teacher uses the same curriculum standards as the homeroom classes but is able to accommodate and differentiate the lessons to meet the needs of the students.

Learning Lab is for students who are able to perform in a mainstream classroom but who benefit from extra support. The Learning Lab is not a special education program and is not designed to address the needs of students with severe learning challenges.

Learning Lab provides:

  • Individual and/or small group support in all subjects.
  • Instruction delivery and assessment accommodations to meet the learning goals of each individual student.
  • Coaching and assistance in the areas of organization, study skills, and positive classroom behavior.
  • Ongoing observation and assessment to monitor student growth and/or needs.
  • Regular communication between Learning Lab teacher, homeroom teachers, and parents.

Mission Hills Learning Lab teacher Lindy Seely is passionate about helping students thrive. Lindy brings over 25 years of classroom experience to the program, having served all elementary grades as a resource teacher. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with minors in Reading and Early Education in 1990 and has had extensive training in many strategies to ensure every student is successful.