Academic Competitions


Throughout the school year, Mission Hills Christian School students participate in a variety of ACSI competitions such as:

Speech Meet

Competition for students in grades 1-8 to select a poem, speech or Bible passage to deliver in front of their classmates. Those who are judged as giving the best presentation are awarded the opportunity to participate in a grade-level meet. The winners of the grade-level meet move on to a regional competition.

Spelling Bee

Students in grades 1-8 spell against students in their own grade level at school. Then those who demonstrate mastery in spelling move on to the next level which is a District Spelling Bee where students spell against students in their own grade level. Then the finalists and runners-up from grades 5-8 spell against each other in the Final Spelldown. The top four placers at the Regional Bee move on to the National Spelling Bee.

Math Olympics

Students in grades 2-8 compete with students at their own grade level in arithmetic computation and mathematical reasoning to determine the top math students. These top students then spend weeks training to compete against other schools. The ACSI-sponsored event is held in March. Ribbons and medals are awarded at the end of the competition to the highest scoring students.

Creative Writing

Students in grades 4-8 participate in the ACSI Creative Writing Festival. Students may enter up to four original writings—short stories, narratives, essays and poems–to be considered for submission to the Festival.